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As a specialist in cosmetics manufacturing, ROI helps their clients to develop a custom product through contract manufacturing. We provide two options under contract manufacturing, which are Private Label, that is Your brand, Our production and Custom Formulation, that is developing a new product. Our services include formulation, creation, packaging, design, printing and shipping.
Our products have a complete range of skincare (soaps, creams, serums, face oils, gels, ampoules, cleansers, masks, peels, scrubs, and more), haircare (oils, shampoos, dyes, colour shampoo, serum, hair masks and more), disinfectants (hand sanitizers, liquid, spray, etc), and a vast range of Ayurvedic medicines.

Products can be filled into almost any container, according to your requirement. With our private label program, our focus is on the success of your brand, and we are committed to exceed your expectations at every step for your journey. We ensure our client’s confidentiality and protect your formulas with a non-disclosure agreement.

Cogs in the Machine


Our clients speak for our competence. With extensive services for our clients, the company is PAN India with a strong network of clients. Currently working in the national market we also intend to embark our presence globally. With our world-class qualities we would set our foot in the international market as well.

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We are here to increase the growth potential in the Indian manufacturing sector. Having an established production factory, well equipped machinery unit and a dedicated workforce, we ensure efficiency as well as timely production. Our manufacturing unit can handle large production loads according to your demands and requirements. We make sure that the product goes through multiple stages of quality check before it hits the market as the quality of the product has always been our utmost priority.





Your Brand, Our Production, so select from our range of exclusive formulations and essential oils and create a product which can do wonders in the market. We can personalize a product from one of our existing collection with your logo for your brand. With different materials, colours, fragrances, shapes, sizes and packaging you can customize the product which suits your requirement and standards. You can take benefit of our advanced and extensive research in this field.

Custom Formulation


At ROI, we provide our clients with custom formulation service. Let’s create a premium product which is unique and compliments your brand. Being a pioneer cosmetic and Ayurvedic product manufacturers, our creative team can develop a bespoke and novel product for you. We can customize packaging of your products according to your requirement and create an impactful image of your brand. According to your requirement and desired formulation, we can create a product from our extensive range of bases, perfumes and essential oils, which can rule the market.

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The best way to predict the future is to create it. Thus, we have an efficient team of scientists and researchers who always work towards innovation and improvement of products and processes. Our dedicated team is always experimenting and striving for excellence. We have an established and well-equipped laboratory which is maintained according to government standards.
Our chemists use sustainable technologies and follow safety regulations as our products are never tested on animals and are 100% cruelty free. Our team is always monitoring and analysing the market, which enables us to maintain competitiveness.


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