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Sustainable Production:

Sustainable manufacturing is the major need of the hour today. With global warming and climate change on rise, there is a pressing requirement of advanced technologies which provide solutions of such issues.

Sustainable manufacturing is a term used to describe manufacturing methods that do not damage the environment during any part of the manufacturing process.

It emphasises the use of techniques that do not pollute the environment or harm consumers, employees, or other members of the community. Sustainable manufacturing includes recycling, conservation, waste management, water supply, environmental protection, regulatory compliance, pollution control and a variety of other related issue. In the current scenario it is better for any organisations to make product with environmental as well as economic feasibility. Also, the globalization has forced companies to improve their environmental performance through sustainable manufacturing having emphasis on designing and delivering products that minimize negative effects on the environment through their production, use, and disposal.

The idea behind sustainable manufacturing is coexistence; development in a manner which does not affect the ecosystem. Manufacturing units should have a sustainable approach in production such as minimal consumption of power, water and other resources, and usage of raw materials which are natural and pollution free. This also includes manufacturing products which are not tested on animals. With increasing awareness amongst people, products which are cruelty free are preferred over the other products. Thus, with changing government policies on this issue, the better way is to adapt these regulations well in advance and become a smart manufacturer.

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