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Personal Hygiene and Hand Sanitiser

At no point in history has hand sanitizers enjoyed as much lime light as in the year, 2020. The rise of an unexpected pandemic COVID-19, has disrupted the whole world and has compelled us to redefine our personal hygiene routine. Once where a hand sanitizer was considered a luxury, now has become a necessity and rather has become one of the important parts of our lives. We are living in the world where adverse situations can arise out of nowhere, therefore we need to be prepared and be safe from all kinds of infectious diseases. Talking about India, sanitizers were never in the picture of regular household, but COVID-19 has brought a trend where it has found a place not just in every house but also in every person’s pocket. No doubt the consumption of the disinfectants have increased exponentially because of this pandemic, but due to the increased awareness about personal hygiene, it will surely remain in demand even after COVID-19.

As the World Health Organisation has stated, that hand sanitizer kills the viruses and germs upto 99.9%, both demand and supply have surged in many folds, leading to increased competition in the market, resulting in fluctuating rates. The market is still unpredictable as the Indian government have been taking and is expected to take further measures to fixate and control the price in order to make it affordable for the masses.

With the increased usage of disinfectants, one has to be aware and cautious about the dangerous hazards relating to it. As it contains alcohol which is highly flammable and also can be dangerous when it comes in contact with eyes or is ingested causing unwanted accidents. Though they've become a very important part of our lifestyle, they should be used cautiously to avoid any kind of harm. The present market offers a wide range and forms of disinfectants, that can be used for different purposes. So choose your product wisely for your personal health and hygiene, which can give a fair result.

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